Aaron Taylor

CEO / Co-Founder, Six Two

Aaron Taylor is a technology speaker, consultant and CEO of Six Two, a Kent-based web design and technology company aiming to raise the bar in their industry by empowering customers to make better decisions about their websites.

Aaron has a skill for deconstructing concepts to reveal the underlying problems, and articulate insightful and practical solutions to be implemented. He’s rare in his ability to speak about all aspects of web design and technology in a witty, engaging and distinctly approachable fashion that is mostly free from jargon, calling upon myriad analogies and intuitive explanations to keep the audience engaged.


Session Details

ROUNDTABLE: The Enemy Within - Is Your Website Working Against You?

You’ll learn the common ways that websites can under-perform and end up working against you. We’ll explore strategies for resolving these common issues and offer practical advice on implementation. 

Benefits of attending:
  • You’ll walk away equipped to evaluate your site to diagnose if it’s under-performing, and create an action plan to make positive changes
  • You’ll have the opportunity to get answers to your important website questions

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