Connor Styche

Managing Director, The Digital Lookout

Connor is a transgender man, born female, who began his transition to male almost two years ago.

His light hearted approach to what can be a difficult subject to broach will make you laugh. More importantly, he provides an opportunity to ask him any question you like, however bold you think it might be, and to get an honest and real response. 

Session Details:

Diversity in the Workplace - A Transgender Man's Personal Experience

Workshop Room B, John Hendry Hall: 12.30pm - 1.00pm

How did I deal with being diverse in the workplace?

I want to break the mould and challenge that we can't talk about someone's differences because we're scared of saying the wrong thing.

I have identified as straight, gay, female, male, transgender and I'm autistic (an HR manager's dream for box ticking)! I promise to deliver an interesting and inspiring session by sharing insight into my own personal journey.

Benefits of attending:
  • No holds barred approach - ask me anything! 
  • Real-life experiences and advice, not PC guidelines from someone in HR 
  • No preaching or flag-waving - just honest insights from someone who ticks a lot of diversity boxes

Opening Times:
09.00am - 4.00pm

Networking Breakfast:
07.30am - 08.50am

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