Layla Head

Training & Business Development Lead, Mid Kent Mind

Layla has a background in training and education and is keen to use her prior experiences to advocate for better mental health in society more broadly. 

As a part of her role with Mid Kent Mind, she is passionate about helping companies and organisations to see the real value that can come from investing in people and their wellbeing. Her role means she works with a variety of different partners - all with the goal of driving forward mental health awareness in our local area. 

Session Details

Keynote: Wellbeing. An Option, or a Necessary Investment?

Astor Suite: 2.15pm - 2.45pm
This session aims to tackle the stigma of wellbeing being something which businesses don’t need to invest in, by showing how greater focus on wellbeing as a part of workplace culture can lead to increased productivity and greater return on investment.

Benefits of attending:
  • Increased understanding of mental health within a workplace context
  • Better knowledge of how investment in wellbeing can be beneficial to workplace culture
  • Enhanced understanding of the impact of employee wellbeing on productivity within the workplace
  • Heightened insight of the benefits that consideration for mental health in the workplace can have on overall return on investment

Opening Times:
09.00am - 4.00pm

Networking Breakfast:
07.30am - 08.50am

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