Nik Kennett

Head of People, Reflect Digital

As Head of People at Reflect Digital, Nik plays a crucial role in making sure new recruits and existing employees have the necessary skills, opportunity and environment that help and encourage team growth as well as client growth - Making sure both employee and the business are aligned. He leads our HR activity, making sure our team are happy, engaged and well supported. Building a culture that allows our values to flow throughout is at the heart of his role. In his own words, Nik wants people to enjoy their time with Reflect and to grow both professionally and personally.


Session Details:

Keynote: Building a Business Everyone Wants to Work For

Astor Suite: 10.30am - 11.00am

Creating a desirable working environment is a hot topic around many boardroom tables. What does this actually mean? How do you take this from ideas to actions that not only improve your company’s appeal but also improve productivity, staff morale, retention and hit the bottom line? Together we'll explore actionable ideas and tips that, by putting people first, can help a business be more productive whilst keeping staff engaged, happy and all heading in the same direction. Attendees will get a better understanding and also come away with ideas of how they can:

  • Build a safe environment making staff feel comfortable.
  • Develop a culture that allows people to express themselves and show vulnerabilities.
  • Create a common goal and clear path to get there.

Opening Times:
09.00am - 4.00pm

Networking Breakfast:
07.30am - 08.50am

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