Parry Jones

Deputy CEO, What's Possible Group

What's Possible is the harmonious marketing group exclusively for marketers at dynamic growth brands.
The group supports some of the world's most exciting growth businesses, such as, the Frasers Group and Hello Fresh. Parry joined in 2006. Since joining, he has been involved in new launches, M&A, international expansion, re-brands, re-structures and a management buy-out.

There have been many wins and losses. But over that time, What's Possible has grown its turnover 35x to £155m and became one of the industries best places to work, with a 4.4 star Glassdoor rating.
He is passionate about people, culture and strategy.

Session Details

Keynote: Turn WTF into What's Possible? Business Growth Through Unpredictable Times

Astor Suite: 1.30pm - 2.00pm

We live in unpredictable times... and yet you still need to grow! Exponential technology change. The Covid and Mental Health pandemics. The Great Resign. Work from home. Inflation. Brexit. Ukraine. This is creating the biggest UK shift in consumer behaviour since 1945.

Global events make writing this overview, two months in advance of Business Vision Live, almost impossible. And yet, our businesses, and careers, will fly, or flounder, based on how we react to what the world throws at us. This session mixes current trends, personal experience, with practical advice on how you can grow your business through challenging times.
What did we talk about before Brexit? Fast forward a few years and the world has turned on its head. Yet you are challenged with growing your business whatever the world throws at you.
Are you up for the challenge? The What's Possible Group supports dynamic marketers at some of the world's fastest growing businesses. To do this we need to understand UK and global trends, how they impact consumers, and what strategies will help businesses adapt and outperform their competition. I will share the good, bad and the damn ugly of my 15 years growing a fast-growth business - whilst asking you the challenging questions that may help you unlock your next phase of growth.

Benefits of attending:
  • Understand the macro trends affecting UK consumers
  • Challenge yourself to answer the difficult questions 
  • Get practical advice on how can grow through adversity

Opening Times:
09.00am - 4.00pm

Networking Breakfast:
07.30am - 08.50am

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